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The Sustainable Darkroom

This Is Not A Solution: Digital

This Is Not A Solution: Digital

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In June 2019 a group of darkroom based practitioners spent 10 days on a residency, organised by Hannah Fletcher from London Alternative Photography Collective, asking the question: How can we foster a more sustainable darkroom practice?

Many questions were asked, many of them remain unanswered. But the important thing is that we have opened up a dialogue, a site of enquirey and a field of dsicovery. This is just the start of a project that we hope will evolve to incorporate many more people, places and ideas.

Our recipes, ideas, questions and thoughts towards creating a more sustainable darkroom photographic practice have been manifested into the form of this publication, ‘TINA’.

Def. Tina; in Portuguese, is the word used to describe development trays used in the darkroom.

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