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The Sustainable Darkroom

re·source: Digital

re·source: Digital

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198 page
Digital PDF

re·source is the third publication from the Sustainable Darkroom. Featuring nearly 200 pages of essays, recipes, experiments, images, and research from our network of practitioners worldwide, re:source is our largest publication yet - and the most extensive collection of writing on sustainable photographic practice to date.

re·source unpicks the colonial and social entanglements between materials as resources, embodies the notion of being resourceful, considers the relationship between resources as a source of wealth or revenue and acts as a resource in and of itself; providing valuable information to those wanting to learn about ecologically-conscious photography.

The materials and printing processes for this publication have been selected first and foremost for their environmental credentials. Printed by Martins The Printers. Binding and cover by Folium.

Contributors: Alice Campos, Alice Cazenave, Amber Lee Williams, Ana Carrizo, Andrés Pardo / General Treegan, Charlotte Padgham, Claire Grant, Dagie Brundert, Edd Carr, Eileen White, Hannah Fletcher, Helena Doyle, James Sewell, Jenny Jacklin, Jo Bradford, Joanna Mayes, Johanna Rotko, John Blythe, Julia Parks, Karel Doing, Kimberly Sophie Halyburton Fuster, Lewis Heriz, Marie Smith, Marina Vitaglione, Marjolaine Ryley, Martha Cattell, Megan Ringrose, Meggan Gould, Melanie King, Michaela Davidova, Molly Caenwyn, Myka Baum, Noora Sandgren, Oliver Raymond-Barker, Peter Maarseveen, Ricardo Leite, Risk Hazekamp, Rosalba Breazaele, Steffie de Gaetano, Sofia Pires, Svea Josephy, Valentina Carnali, Vanessa Cowling.

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