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Pelargonium Printing

Pelargonium Printing

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Learn how to create photographs inside living leaves by manipulating their capacity to photosynthesise! Please note, this is a different process from chlorophyll printing.

This is an experimental photographic process practised by Alice Cazenave since 2015. It uses electrical light and a negative to encourage leaves to photosynthesise in the trace of a negative. The starch created through this process is then stained to reveal a photographic image. Unlike the more commonly known chlorophyll process; Pelargonium Printing takes about 3 days to complete, but only 1 hour of this time requires your intervention. It uses pelargonium leaves as photographic paper and yields different results based on the plant’s biochemistry.

During the first session, you will be guided through setting up exposures, using a negative and electrical light. Alice will also explain the science behind the process. The second session focuses on developing the image and troubleshooting. It is essential to attend both sessions to complete the process.

Please bring your own digital negatives printed to roughly 7x7cm on transparency or acetate. Transparencies made from digital files work best as they are high contrast. They must be negative images. We do not recommend using film negatives for this process, as their contrast is not high enough). All other materials provided.

You can read more about pelargonium printing here:

When: PLEASE NOTE, this workshop is split into two parts Tuesday 24th 1 - 2.30pm and Wednesday 25th 5 - 6.30pm

Where: SET Kensington, 7-17 Ansdell Street, W8 5BN, London.

Facilities: Large darkroom, large bright teaching room with outside area attached. 

Dates: 24th - 28th September

If you are unwaged/student, please contact us for a discount code.

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