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The Sustainable Darkroom

Cyanotypes & Botanical Toning: Growing, Harvesting, Making

Cyanotypes & Botanical Toning: Growing, Harvesting, Making

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Come and immerse yourself in historic and low-toxic methods of pigment extraction and image making. You will learn how to extract vibrant colours from plants, and gain a foundation in how to select and identify plants that are suitable for making inks and toners. Starting with the cyanotype process, you will learn the chemical relationships between iron chemistries and plant tannins, you will make and experiment with several toners picked directly from the garden as well as those for ink making. 

We will explore how to plant, grow, care for, harvest, and store plants in a sustainable and reciprocal way. You will leave with ideas how to choose your own pigment plants for your future projects that can be grown in anything from a small window box to a larger garden, as well as examples of what can be foraged in the wild.

If you have any pre-made cyanotypes that you wish to tone, you are encouraged to bring them along to the session.

When: Thursday 26th September, 3-6.30pm.

Where: Hornsey Rise Gardens.

If you are student/unwaged, please contact us for a discount code.

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