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The Sustainable Darkroom

Practice, Research & Sustainable Thinking

Practice, Research & Sustainable Thinking

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Explore possibilities of working in an integrated way across theory, process, practice, and materials.

Is an ecological future for photography possible? The threat of ecological collapse becomes a near certainty, and in times of crisis, the need for reform is urgent. But when it comes to the arts, most of the discussion falls on content - with our use of materials swept under the rug.

Photography - as a product of mass consumption - is embroiled in a legacy of toxic materials. Whether it is silver waste in analogue, or mounds of digital microchips - photography is ripe for ecological transformation. In this session, co-director Edd Carr will talk about the work of The Sustainable Darkroom, in shaping a new ecological future for photography.

Through a series of practical exercises and discussions, Edd will reinforce the idea that Sustainable Darkroom practice is not just about material fixes - but a wholesale transformation of the way we understand and relate to the practice of photography.

By the end of this session, students will have a new understanding of photographic materials, and the various human/ more-than-human forces at play in realising images - with some practical solutions to potential issues in their own work.

Please bring a notebook and pen to the session.

When: Wednesday 25th September, 2.30 - 4.30pm.

Where: SET Kensington, 7-17 Ansdell Street, W8 5BN, London.

Facilities: Large darkroom (only 2 working enlargers), large bright teaching room with outside area attached.

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