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The Sustainable Darkroom

Pinhole Cameras and Semi-Soild Developers

Pinhole Cameras and Semi-Soild Developers

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In this hands-on workshop, you will make both your camera and chemistry!

Join us to create your own miniature photographs using a DIY homemade pinhole camera, built from waste materials and developed in plant matter. You will learn how to make your camera as well as several experimental semi-solid developers. S

Semi-solid developers are made solely from plant materials and waste matter, they are a thick, mud-like consistency and require longer developing times. They are fast to biodegrade and very low in toxicity.

When: Friday 27th September, 10-1.30pm.

Where: SET Kensington, 7-17 Ansdell Street, W8 5BN.

Facilities: Large darkroom, large bright teaching room with outside area attached.

If you are student/unwaged, please contact us for a discount code.

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