The Sustainable Darkroom

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Hand showing light passing through symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast

We rely on grants for individual projects such as our research and development residences.

During 2019 - 2021, we have received grants from:

Arts Council England. This supported 4 x 1 week micro residencies for 28 artists, under the themes Remove, Recycle, Repurpose and Rework. It also supported a symposium and a publication.

The London Community Response Fund (via Guest projects, Yinka Shonibare Foundation). This supported a 1 month research residency; Test. Grow. Teach. Learn.. This brought together artists and scientists with subject-specific expertise to support resident artists' research.

The Genesis kickstarter fund, supported by Genesis foundation. This supported the creation of a Photographic Garden which provides plant materials and functions alongside The Northern Sustainable Darkroom space in Leeds. This also supports a year-long research residency for 13 artists researching the garden and its potential to help de-toxify darkroom practice.

Additional funding from individual supporters has allowed us to purchase a solar panel, battery and solar controller to host this website. Further funding goes towards research, paying speakers, producing publications and resources, running events and exhibitions, as well as just generally making all of this possible.

Partners & supporters: LONDON ALTERNATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY COLLECTIVE IF WE FILM SPECTRUM Sustainable Photobook Publishing (SPP) Network

You can support us in a number of ways:

Purchase our publications:

This is Not A Solution

This is (still) Not A Solution

Patreon: our Patreon community is a growing global network of like-minded individuals who are all connected via our Discord Server. Sign up to either Tier 2 or 3 to gain regular tips, tricks, workshops, talks and troubleshooting events. To communicate with our Patreon community, we chose to use Discord. We made this decision for multiple reasons, firstly for its accessibility and ease of use as a platform. Secondly, it gives us the ability to control the bit rate and video progressiveness, meaning that we can host video calls with a lower carbon footprint than on other video call platforms.

We also accept donations via PayPal and Ko-Fi.