The Sustainable Darkroom

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The Sustainable Darkroom is an artist-run research, training and mutual learning programme. It aims to help equip cultural practitioners with new skills and knowledge to develop environmentally friendly photographic darkroom practices. Though linked to physical spaces and places (1), The Sustainable Darkroom is not defined by a location on the map, we have no walls, sinks or red lights. But, we are an ethos, a way of thinking and of understanding. We are an uprising; a radical reformation.

Taking form in publications, residencies, workshops, talks, symposiums, training sessions, gardens and more. We intend to help build a community to empower each other, and challenge some of the environmental impacts of darkroom practices.

Founded by Hannah Fletcher 2019, The Sustainable Darkroom is now run by Hannah Fletcher, Alice Cazenave and Edd Carr. The Sustainable Darkroom was born out of a need for collective community action and out of a desire to ignite change.

drawing of a hand holding ball with words sus tain beneath

Hannah Fletcher, currently operating nomadically. Is doer, a dot connector, but also a nurturer, a listener, a plant lover, forager, dust bin diver, slow eater and a fresh air dreamer. Having grown the project from under the wings of London Alternative Photography Collective CIC, she has been overjoyed by the increasing demand and enthusiasm for this knowledge and research across the globe.

Alice Cazenave is a doctoral researcher and photographic artist operating in London, UK. Alice is motivated by learning from and with people, and the sense of connection this gives to others and the wider world we inhabit.

Edd Carr operating in Leeds, UK. Loves dogs, he operates a physical darkroom space in Leeds; Northern Sustainable Darkroom. Edd is motivated by the establishing of alternative networks that exist outside the mainstream, offering platforms for artists to engage with sustainable practices on a material and conceptual level. His own work uses moving image to explore trauma in relation to the ecological crisis.

Note: 1. We have a physical darkroom space in Leeds; Northern Sustainable Darkroom, located at East Street Arts, St Mary's Ln, LS9 7EH. Attached to this, we have a photographic research garden operating in conjunction with the darkroom space. A short walk from the darkroom and garden, we have Hot Compost, our window gallery space. We also self-host our website from a garden in Devon, UK. We do not see these sites as locating us, they are just one element of who we are and what we do as an organisation.