Back to Basics Book Launch!

Back to Basics Book Launch!

Yes, we are having TWO launches for our new book!

With such an international audience, we offer much of our content online, however it's also nice to do things in person from time to time! So if you are near London, we would love to see you @clairederouenbooks on the 17th April.

📍 In-person Launch: April 17th, Claire de Rouen bookshop, London, 6.00 - 8.30PM

Discover our latest book, Back to Basics: A Guide to Ecological Photo Chemistry. This groundbreaking publication marks a pivotal moment in photography's journey towards sustainability. Crafted with meticulous attention to environmental impact, it's not just a guide – it's a testament to our commitment to the planet.

📘 Inside the Book: As you delve into its pages, embark on a fascinating historical timeline of Andrés Pardo’s (@curiosolab) research. Starting with Caffenol and moving on to plant-based developers, the book simplifies the solutions, focusing on the bare essentials. It brings you full circle, where you'll discover how eco challenges and solutions must be reimagined as time passes. Welcome to this enlightening adventure through the world of photography and environmental consciousness!

🌍 Printed with Care with by Folium Publishing : The body of this book is lithography printed using Novavit BA9704 BIO inks, based on raw renewable materials. This innovative ink series not only delivers exceptional quality but also reduces our reliance on finite resources. Additionally, our choice of Fujifilm Processless CTP plates eliminates the need for harmful chemicals traditionally used in printing, further minimizing our ecological footprint.

🌱 Environmentally Friendly: Printed on 90gsm Nautilus 100% Recycled uncoated Offset paper by Martins The Printers, a UK-based printer operating on green energy. Committed to sustainability, Martins recycles an impressive 99.9% of their waste. By keeping manufacturing within the UK, we've significantly reduced the carbon emissions associated with transportation, making each copy of Back to Basics a greener choice.
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